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Parental Burnout Center Philosophy

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Welcome to The Parental Burnout Center, where the philosophy's priority is clear: YOU.

​01. YOU MATTER​ Only when you are thriving as your best SELF, can you also thrive as the best parent (and partner, friend and person) that you're meant to be. And when you're burning out, you matter more than ever. Because trying too hard for too long to manage too much stress is like trying to win a marathon with a broken ankle. And an empty water bottle. And blisters that are bleeding through your socks. Of course you're burning out! Please stop. You need to rest. And heal. Then find a pace that is yours to keep. The Burnout Remedy is unashamedly committed to YOU-FIRST. 02. ROOT-LEVEL HEALING Temporary symptom relief may sound enticing with promises of "quick and easy" solutions, but this will not bring the long-lasting, meaningful change you need to prevent and overcome Burnout once and for all. Imagine this: You’re walking through the forest when you break out in a painful, itchy rash. You look down and realize you’re surrounded by stinging nettle plants. What do you do? Do you sit down where you are and apply some anti-itch cream? Or do you get yourself out of there first, avoid further contact with the plants, and then treat the rash from a safe distance? ​Likewise - when you find yourself exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed by parenting, and realize you are burning out - there are two choices: You can try to relieve your distress moment by moment, OR you can identify the source of the Burnout, change direction and eliminate it for good. No patronizing advice here. Naps and bubble baths are lovely, but they won't help you get untangled. It's time to get you out of the weeds. The Burnout Remedy is solely devoted to long-term, root-level healing & prevention. 03. WORTHWHILE EFFORT Because "worthwhile things are worth your while." Like all meaningful change, true healing from Parental Burnout takes time and patience. Think of it like learning a new language... Simple vocabulary and basic conversation come quickly, and fluency grows gradually with practice as you layer one concept on top of the next - until one night you find yourself dreaming with an accent. Woot woot! You will absolutely begin to feel more hopeful and encouraged within our first few sessions, and increasingly every week of The Burnout Remedy. You will continue to heal and strengthen until feeling peaceful and powerful becomes your new lifelong normal. The work can be challenging at times, and the victory is all the sweeter for it. Important note: The work of The Burnout Remedy is NOT to invent a different version of yourself so you can become a better parent. The work is to remember and re-ignite the incredible self that you inherently are - so you can be the person you were born to be, and live the life you deserve to have. THIS is the most worthwhile work of all. ​The Burnout Remedy is purposefully designed to take one deliberate step at a time.

04. GRACE and HONOUR Above all - every single time - I believe in unconditional grace and honour for who you are in this world. >>> Here's what I know about you: You are creative, brilliant and resourceful. You have hopes, dreams, desires and passions. And you matter. You're good at things. You know things. You've been through things. You want goodness. You want a good life. You want to be a good person and a good parent. >>> Here's what you should know about me: Nothing you say, think, feel or do will ever change what I know about you. Because we all struggle. We all do things we wish we didn't. We have thoughts and feelings that scare us sometimes. We question ourselves, and our lives, and our futures. Still. We're all doing the best we can with what we've got, and we're all still worthy of every good thing.

05. CHOICE Call it choice, creation or authorship... it's up to you! What if I told you that you never have to feel trapped by your own life again? This realization of truth might be the single most defining moment of The Burnout Remedy process and has certainly become one of my favourite parts to share. As you grow in confidence practicing the principles of Grace and Honour for yourself and others - you will also grow in confidence with the decisions that are yours to make. The result is a synergistic flow of peace and empowerment that will keep you grounded and energized to create the life you want and deserve.


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