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After burning out, crashing hard, and losing my family, I had to re-examine literally everything I once thought and believed about parenting, stress, and life itself. I won't pretend it was fast, easy or fun, but the lessons I learned changed my life.


Three revelations in particular about grace, honour and choice saturated every step of my healing in such a significant way that they now form the groundwork of my personal and professional philosophy. Any teaching or advice I may ever have to offer will stem from here.




When everything else is stripped away, and all that remains is you...

GRACE brings peace and says, “It’s ok. I see you. Be generous and kind to yourself.”

Having grace for yourself means extending unconditional compassion, humility and forgiveness for the difficult parts of parenthood (and life itself!) 


You are inherently worthy of belonging, acceptance and adoration. You think, feel, and do some ugly things. Ok... it’s ok. You’re ok. It doesn’t make things hurt less or matter less and it doesn’t make you worth less. You are enough. You are good. You are loved.




When you know who you are and what you’re capable of...

HONOUR brings empowerment and says, “You can do this. You matter. Be your true self.”

Honouring yourself means recognizing, appreciating and respecting all the good, inspiring and important things you have to offer your family and this world.


You know things. You can do things. And you matter. Only when you’re thriving as your best SELF (body, heart, mind and soul) can you also thrive as the best parent (and partner, friend and person) that you’re meant to be.  Be confident in your creativity, skill, and resourcefulness.




When you are unhindered to decide what comes next...


CHOICE brings freedom and asks,

"Will you accept this for what it is, or will you re-create it?"

The power to choose means eliminating parental and personal obligation, embracing ownership and accepting outcomes for good, bad and mediocre.


You may only choose AND you have full freedom to choose whatever belongs to you. With one foot planted in peace, and the other foot planted in power - you are in ready position to create a life you love, one confident choice at a time.  

If you're curious to learn more about my own personal journey with these ideas, you can also read my Philosophy Origin Story here: 

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