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The purpose of The Burnout Remedy is to help parents prevent and overcome Parental Burnout Syndrome. If this purpose is not being achieved for any reason, you may cancel your commitment to the program and receive a refund for the most recently completed paid module. 

THE GUARANTEE: The Burnout Remedy program is broken down into eight short segments. Each segment includes: one program module, one online workbook, one 80-minute coaching session, two weeks of text/email messaging support from your coach, and access to other online support materials. If you begin a segment and do not wish to continue the program for any reason, simply submit your cancellation notice and request a full refund for the most recently completed paid module. (For pre-paid programs, a pro-rated refund will be calculated based on "per module pricing".)

PLEASE NOTE: By completing one module and booking your next session, you signal satisfaction with our work to date, and it will no longer qualify for a refund. Full refunds are available only for the most recently completed module. This is to protect The Parental Burnout Center from fraud and content theft. 

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